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• The quest of a mysterious item

• Many somptuous places to visit

• Adventure at every corner

• Intense minutes of gameplay

• Old school electronic music



adventure, suspens and action



MacGuffin is a video game about stealing a mysterious object, called the MacGuffin. It takes place in an alternative present with real elements mixed with futuristic elements, such as computers from 1995 and flying buildings. You are a thief who's sent to take that object from a Nuclear Power Plant about to explode. You receive instructions on a smartphone.


We are a team of three developers. Louis does most of the 3D work and Corentin is more focused on the mechanics. Often Louis will tell Corentin to rethink some idea because Corentin believes he can do it in no time, 2 seconds to quote him, which is rarely the case! We both share the design part. We are also collaborating with the famous talented sound designer and composer, TOMAVATARS.


The game will be about 2$ and will be released the 1st of april 2015 on Windows, Mac and Linux.


A game by Louis Deschamps, TOMAVATARS and Corentin Derbré